About TimberForm Site Furnishings

Design Families
   Each of the models represented on this website are part of a complete family– each family meeting different design, application and budget requirements. Among the products you'll find are traditional public park furnishings, classic restoration styles for urban renovation or campus projects, and several contemporary designs for streetscapes, shopping centers and office environs. Complementary litter containers, tables and chairs, ash receptacles and accessories complete many of the design families.
   Products are presented within design families. Each product within a family has been designed and crafted to complement the other. Often accessories from another design series may be used as a complement just by choosing the same powder-coating color, wood species, or recycled plastic component.
Lexicon of Terms
   We use the term Seat to describe a seating product without a backrest. The term Bench indicates that it has a backrest. Litter containers available without a top cover are specified with the suffix -OT for open top. For a flat metal top with a reduced center opening specify -FT for flat top. A domed metal top, open on opposing sides, is specified by the suffix -DT for dome top. For a domed top plus a smokers ash receptacle the suffix -AT is used. Tops with a hinged self-closing door(s) are indicated by -HT for hamper top.
   Three mounting methods are offered. Permanent mounting is by embedment in concrete, designated -E. Fixed surface mounting (where the pavement is already in place) is called a Pedestal mount, -P. Non-fixed applications, usually for secure indoor areas, are specified as Movable and usually include special padded feet for leveling, -L. Nylon foot pads minimize the potential of marring terrazzo or polished floors.
Using the Website
   Products are presented within design families. Each product lists standard features plus available options. Several downloads are offered for each product. Drawings for CAD use are provided in the DWG format. Immediately viewable detailed drawings are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Other applicable illustrations or presentations are shown as either JPG or PDF formats. A gallery of photos is available for each design family. Clicking on any photo or illustration provides enlarged viewing, right-clicking (Mac: control + click) will allow the image to be saved to your computer.
General Product Information
   Bench and seat slats plus surrounds for litter containers, ash receptacles, bollards and PipeLeaners are offered in wood or (on many products) recycled HDPE plastic.
Three species of wood have been carefully selected for use in the production of those TimberForm Site Complements which include wood components.
   Clear Alaska yellow cedar is supplied as standard on TimberForm Antigo, Broadway, Craftsmen, Crest, Palomar, Plaza, Restoration, Skyline and Spartan products. Durable Purpleheart hardwood is offered as a hardwood option for these design families and as standard on TimberForm Luxe.
Premium Douglas fir timber is provided on TimberForm Arbor, Greenway, Madison, Parkway and for Timber Bollards.
   All wood used in TimberForm site furniture is free-of-heart-center (F.O.H.C.). This specification is important assurance that the wood is of premium quality. After seasoning, surfacing or dressing, wood components are inspected for appearance and only suitable specimens are accepted for use.
Alaska Yellow Cedar
   Kiln-dried Alaska yellow cedar is the informed specifier's choice for bench slats. This species offers extraordinary qualities for seating purposes. Naturally immune to most effects of weathering and decay, the wood is a uniform pale yellow in color when new and ages to a rich sable gray in outdoor situations. It is silky smooth and sliver free. Alaska yellow cedar has been considered the species of choice for outdoor stadium seating for over a century.
   Purpleheart is a dense, durable plantation-grown hardwood appropriate for vigorous use. It appears purple in color when freshly milled and ages to a rich mid-gray when exposed to normal weathering. After an annual cycle outdoors, its color will adopt a teak like hue.
Douglas fir
   Kiln-dried, clear, vertical grain, Douglas fir is an attractive, tough and durable structural wood well-suited to the demands of public seating when the finest clear grades are used. It varies in color from shades of salmon to ivory and eventually ages to a natural mid-gray in outdoor settings.
Recycled Plastic Slats
   Recycled plastic slats are available instead of wood on many benches, litter containers and tables within the TimberForm families. We only use 100% post-consumer HDPE plastic.
Other Slat Options
   Hollow metal slats are available on several models within the TimberForm Craftsmen, Restoration, and Skyline families, when neither wood or plastic slats are desired. 
   All wood and recycled plastic components destined for TimberForm site products are dressed four sides to a smooth finish. Edges are carefully eased (rounded), ends chamfered or eased too. Hand-finishing occurs prior to final quality control acceptance.
Wood Preservation
   Because of the inherent natural preservatives contained in Alaska yellow cedar and Purpleheart, additional chemical treatment after fabrication is not required.
   Douglas fir components destined for exterior use are treated with a water-repellent wood preservative formulated to prolong the life of this species in demanding outdoor applications. If the intended location of products using Douglas fir is to be indoors, or if for some other reason preservative treatment is not desired or required, we must be notified at the time of order entry not to treat these components.
Staining and Sealing
   TimberForm wood components are supplied in their natural state. After prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, all wood will mature to varying shades of gray. We do not offer staining or sealing as a factory option, but many customers have successfully stained their slats.
Metal Powder Coating
   After careful mechanical and chemical cleaning and following the application of corrosion-inhibiting iron phosphate, all fabricated steel, aluminum and cast iron components used in producing TimberForm Site Complements are powder-coated with CASPAX-7. This lead-free polyester powder is electrostatically applied and chemically bonded to the metal substrate in precision ovens at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The tough, 6-8 mil thick coating offers lasting performance far superior to familiar liquid finishes. The difference is particularly apparent when installed products are exposed to outdoor environments or public usage.
   CASPAX-7 powder-coated metal components are much more resistant to the effects of abrasion, impact, temperature extremes, natural corrosives and UV degradation than any other colored finish available for site complements.
   Over 200 powder-coating color options appear following each product under “View”.
Shipping & Installation
   To reduce delivery charges, most TimberForm Site Complements are shipped partially or completely unassembled, though a few models are shipped assembled. All requisite hardware and fastenings other than anchoring bolts (for surface mounting) and steel reinforcing bar (for embedment mounting) are included with each model. Supplied stainless steel fasteners required for the attachment of slats are Phillips head, facilitating use of powered tools.
Quotations and Prices
   Contact our headquarters for delivered prices on any product. Model number, quantity and shipping destination, including postal code, will be required for an accurate quotation.
Made in the U.S.A.
   Although Columbia Cascade site furnishings are distributed worldwide, all products are fabricated and finished in the Pacific Northwest of the United States of America.
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